Maria Kizito

A meditation on the prayer life of Benedictine nuns who aided in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

  • Photos credit: Lizzy Brooks

  • Playwright: Erik Ehn

  • Director: Emily Mendelsohn

  • Scenic Designer: Jeffrey Becker

  • Venue: New Orleans Center for Creative Arts; New Orleans, LA

Cooking Oil

A village conjures the story of a murdered teenage girl who was caught up in a corrupt aid scheme.

New Faces of America

A touring one-person show designed to introduce youth to issues of race, gender, class, sexuality, PTSD, and autism. Audience sizes ranged from 200-400 teenagers.

Lorca In A Green Dress

A surrealist drama in which Federico García Lorca, who was murdered at the hands of Spanish fascists, explores life and death from purgatory.

  • Photos (credit: )

  • Video by:

  • Playwright: Nilo Cruz

  • Director: Jennifer Sage Holmes

  • Venue: Casa 0101 – Los Angeles, CA

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The Less We Talk

“An exploration of choral singing that combines singing with the awkward moments between songs in which the members of the choir try desperately to prolong the harmony so easily won in song.”

  • Photo Credit:

  • Writer/Director: Alec Duffy

  • Scenic Design: Mimi Lien

  • Venue: Ontological-Hysteric; New York, NY

  • Connect: Hoi Polloi, JACK

Elegy for a Vacant Lot

A positioning at the intersection of movement score, real-time sport, jazz, poetry, and the fluidity of roles.