Performance Roundup! I saw three shows last week; each captivating in its own way.

First: LA Poverty Department‘s Red Beard/Red Beard, a duet between 20 live performers and Akira Kurosawa’s Red Beard. My one-sentence takeaway: The production and its content elegantly reinforce the importance of maturing into a worldview that includes listening to the voices of the unheard, looking at the lives of the unseen, and valuing what you see and hear.

Second: A preview of Kristina Wong‘s Wong Street Journal, a solo performance about her adventures during a three-week trip to Northern Uganda. My one-sentence takeaway: You can think in terms of your legacy and impact on others if you want to, but it will only be a sidenote in the story of a self-determining people in their own place.

Third: Laurel Tentindo‘s Image Action Text, a 6-person dance work that employed virtuosic movement, sculptural costumes, projected text, and shadow puppetry. My one-sentence takeaway: The disorientation and chaos of the natural world can appear dangerously gentle, despite its strength, reach and power.