• Untitled: A Procession

Untitled: a procession on the borders of something that has already shifted

September 29, 2018


Taking the form of a procession through private and public spaces in Echo Park, we used fences to explore questions around privacy, private property, privilege, displacement, and belonging. Our project examines what it means to pass through a neighborhood, lingering in the histories, communities, materials, textures, and memories that make up such spaces.


CreatorsGwyneth Shanks & Sarah Lewis-Cappellari with performance guided by Loren Fenton & Dorit Cypris

Venue: Materials & Applications; Los Angeles, CA


Image: Sarah Lewis-Cappellari

School for the Movement of the Technicolor People

October 21 – December 5, 2015


We built a dance school inside of the gallery.


Creators: taisha paggett & WXPT in collaboration with Ashley Hunt and Kim Zumpfe

Venue: LACE; Los Angeles, CA


Photo: Ashley Hunt

Reusable Parts / Endless Love



“A score-based performance in which dancers transmit and transform the instructions for a kiss between a man and a woman into a machine-like production of unscripted representations of intimacy.”


Creators: Brennan Gerard & Ryan Kelly

Venue: Hammer Museum; Los Angeles, CA


Photo: Johnny Taranto

Ende (Like A New Beginning) Again



“A performance loop loosely based on personal texts translated into a variety of gestures.”


Creator/Director: Emily Mast

Venue: Night Gallery; Los Angeles, CA


Photo: Max Schwart

Ende (Like A New Beginning)



“A performative artwork that confronts the profoundness of the seemingly mundane and uses repetition and familiarity to incite instances of human connection.”


Creator/Director: Emily Mast

Venue: Hammer Museum; Los Angeles, CA


Photos: Hammer Museum

The Least Important Things



A site-specific staging of numerous short performance texts by Catalan artist, Joan Brossa.


Creator/Director: Emily Mast

Venue: LACMA; Los Angeles, CA


Camera: Martin Dicicco