Can I hold your story just for a little while? I love to listen and feel. There’s something right about giving you audience. I guess it’s the way you look me straight in the eye and kick your legs up in the street while retelling the funny parts. I feel my age against your vitality. You have more power than you acknowledge which is adorable and dangerous. The world could be different if people like us valued their kind of power. There’s never a level playing field is there. History adds up regardless of what we prefer. But chinks in the armor are worth our energy. You were right to say joy is a weapon and wrong to say there’s nothing we can do. Cruel. No, just self-involved. That’s most people. I try to be at the center of my world BUT look out not in. Someone else must hold the key since I sure don’t. Is that just as self-involved? I like to find the points of similarity between two beings. Seems like that kind of consensus contains a truth worth knowing. Why do people fear that what they’ve built will fall? Why bother since we know everything changes. We know one size doesn’t fit all. We know the world is bigger and smaller at the same time and every plot of land will serve multiple purposes before its burnt up by the sun. I will take in your story and let it swish around and let it take me away because I like the wandering through the streets and haggling with vendors over an impractically tiny purse that you don’t need. It’s just for the laugh. For the experience. I say just way too much. It’s not just. Nothing is ever just just. It’s for the moment. An exploration. Playing. Playing is a value, no? Work feels like play when it flows from you, no? Stories are what we are constantly crafting, no? I am a minority in more ways than one. I mean, I came into this world alone and will leave it alone. I just have my story…that word again. But it’s true this time. I only have one. So tell me yours. It will cover up my loneliness for a stretch. It will give me something to connect with and feel the big smallness of the world. There will be a distance with two points on it. A line. A line of a distance that I can interpret and mirror and see in space. A line is just a string of points magnified so the points can be seen. Yeah. Nothing is so important. It is just just. Even the people who crave that kind of power, they think it’s just the way it goes. So I will just listen and feel. I will just get out of the way. I will just look at you. I will just be open to something I didn’t know before. I will allow myself to be changed without asking for a specific outcome. I will come ready to laugh and cry. To return your strong and vulnerable gaze. To be human with you since that’s all we have.